Jordan K Miller

about me

My name is Jordan Miller. I'm a machine learning enthusiast.

I'm a programmer. I have experience in Elixir, Tcl, and Python.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (especially brain inspired AI designs) interest me intensely. Though I'm gaining a formal education through coursera on machine intelligence I am still philosophically inclined to agree with Jeff Hawkins more than any other artificial intelligence or even artificial general intelligence expert.

You can find much of my biased world view on quora.


PE - Elixir, Phx Framework


I was hired to develop a back office system for a local company. It currently has 30,000 users, about 25% of whom use the site daily.

Maestro AI - Tcl


I developed and am in the process of improving something I call a 'naive sensorimotor inference engine.' I intend to improve it to the point that is generally useful on any non-time-series data in any deterministic, fully observable environment.

Reflexmem - Autoit, Python and Elixir


I've produced a windows automation tool. Without any programming anyone can create macros that specific triggers that run autonomously.

TeamCRM - Ruby on Rails


To learn Ruby on Rails I built a custom customer relationship management system for John Johnson and his mortgage company. The custom design facilitates collaboration between loan officers, underwriters, managers, outside realestate agents and even barrowers on loans as they go through the completion process.

Neureal - Blockchain


To gain an intuitive understanding of blockchain technology I assisted Wil Bown in designing a prediction market that caters to fast paced transactions between machine learning models running on the miners' machines. Though this product was designed it was only partially implemented due to lack of funding.

CouplesBudget - Ruby on Rails


My first project with Ruby on Rails was CouplesBudget which I created and used. It's a simple "envelope" budgeting system for two.

Jars Budget - html5 android app


I wanted to create an android app. Years ago I had created one using the android app inventor from google (now owned by MIT), but more recently I wanted to make one with web languages so I recreated my original minimalist Jar's Budget app.

QuickStocks - jquery and ajax


As an exercise in jquery and ajax I created a small stock market game which pulls from real world stock data from a database without refreshing the whole page - welcome to the internet of 1998!